Despite the accelerated pace of technological progress that characterizes the 21st century, in reality, its implementation in practice and overall impact on humanity faces many challenges, and the rate at which socioeconomic benefits of this technological revolution are delivered to global society will be not equal to the pace of technological progress on its own. There are many other significant forces on earth that make the nature of technological progress, and its actual impacts on humanity, much more complex, complicated, divergent, and divisive. It should be very clear that in the case of current extreme positive and tangible progress in DeepTech industry development and commoditization, even beyond all previous expectations and forecasts, the reality of policy, governance, regulation, and social psychology will provide the largest barrier to real-world translation and socially-inclusive distribution of DeepTech’s real-world impacts on humanity. Regulations, politics, and the many complexities of human society create a number of bottlenecks, slowdown factors, and frictions, especially in the complex arena of DeepTech and emerging technologies, which is poised at the exact intersection of the most multidimensional domains of human existence, including science, technology, and policy.


What is critically required at this point in the technological evolution of global society is a middle ground, where the extremes of over-optimism and over-pessimism are balanced with realistic, quantitative, and tangible analytical frameworks to define, describe and forecast the true present and future state of technological progress. This book will present exactly that middle ground that is so desperately needed today, based on nearly a decade of work done by Deep Knowledge Group and its various analytical subsidiaries to build sophisticated analytical frameworks capable of analyzing, defining, and forecasting DeepTech industries of unprecedented breadth, depth, and complexity, which have in 2021 been synthesized into an integrated whole: a kind of Mega-Analytical Framework capable of defining the 5th Industrial Revolution for the first time, and of forecasting the most realistic methods of accelerating, optimizing and harmonizing the trajectory of its ongoing evolution and the safe, de-risked and socially-responsible delivery of its benefits for global humanity.